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 Pain Court 150

 Symbolism of the Logo

  Design: P. A. Richer
  Description of Symbolism: Rose-Marie Roy

      The sheaves of wheat evoke the humble origins of Pain Court. Wheat, which was the most important crop harvested in earlier years, symbolizes bread. Although they were short of bread, our ancestors would generously share their small loaves with the missionaries who travelled in our region. Wheat also has a religious symbolism recalling to mind the faith of our fathers which is still ours today in these changing times.

       The two sheaves of wheat express our faith and our mother tongue. The three ties binding the sheaves represent the past, the present and the future, joined together under the protection of our holy patron, Mary, through the symbolism of the blue sash of the Immaculate Conception whose painting adorns the sanctuary of the parish church.

       The colours selected are especially meaningful. From the very beginning, the growth of our community has unfolded under the loving eyes of the Immaculate Conception, symbolized by the colour blue. Blue also represents the bodies of water which surround us, the lake and the river, as well as the clear blue skies of our summers. Finally, as we are citizens of the world, it is important that we look beyond our borders. The colour blue represents peace.

       Green is the colour of abundance, of renewal. It is also the colour of the Franco-Ontarian flag which expresses who we are. This colour is the perfect symbol of agriculture which is the major industry of our area. It calls to mind the vast stretches of tender green that we love to see again after a long winter. It depicts the rich palette of green tones which enhance the surrounding countryside during the summer months. Green symbolizes growth and hope, for our crops certainly, but also for our community moving with confidence toward the future.

       The two colours are soft and pleasing to the eye and, by their vividness, inspire a feeling of celebration and joy.

       And finally, if we examine the logo very closely, the heads of wheat remind us of candles on a birthday cake. It is indeed a very wonderful anniversary that we are celebrating....